Headstones in Basildon

Choose the best quality Headstones and Memorials in Basildon. Leverton Brothers is a Family run Memorial Masons based near Pitsea Cemetery and our passion is to create beautiful gravestones that truly honour and celebrate a life. We use the finest quality materials available and carve the stone using traditional methods to create stunning memorials.

Lawn Headstone category

Exquisite designs suitable for the lawned area in Pitsea cemetery Basildon. More lawn headstones

Book Memorials

The Perfect memorial for husband and wife. More book headstones

Heart Headstones

A tasteful collection of elegantly carved hearts. More heart memorials

Full Length Kerb Sets

Memorials designed to  cover the whole grave. More kerb sets

Childrens Headstones

Our range of Children’s Headstones. More children’s memorials

Cremation Memorials

Small plaques and tablets suitable for the burial of ashes in Pitsea cemetery. More cremation memorials


Stone vases make the perfect addition to a memorial. more…

Bronze Statues

Stone Vases in marble and granite. More Statues…

Chippings and Pebbles

Chippings Pebbles and Stones for graves. More chippings

Headstones in Basildon Pitsea Cemetery – some beautiful and unique designs to help inspire you…

There is a large selection of headstones and plaques to choose from and we are always happy to help you create a memorial of your own design in Granite or Marble. You also have the option of combining designs from different gravestones or taking inspiration from one you have seen in Pitsea cemetery.

Additional Inscriptions Pitsea Cemetery Basildon

Many people come to us who already own a memorial in Pitsea Cemetery Basildon and need an additional inscription to commemorate another life. We are happy to do this and depending on the lettering type it can usually be done in the cemetery, so there is no need to take the headstone away.The first inscription may have been cut many years ago, and of course, we want the new inscription to match the old in terms of style and size  as close as possible.

Headstone Cleaning and Renovation Pitsea Cemetery

Older headstones particularly marble can weather over time and the original lead lettering can appear to be raised from the surface or become loose and fall out. If you would like advice on restoring, renovating and cleaning a headstone in Basildon, your welcome to call us. Read more…

Our family run office near Basildon

This is our office near Basildon . You can make the arrangements for additional inscriptions over the phone, via email or if you prefer you can make an appointment to meet us at our office on Darby Drive. Get in touch