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Choosing the perfect Memorial

A well thought out and designed headstone should be an expression of the person you remember. Perhaps you could incorporate a familiar saying or a carving of something they enjoyed, so when people visit the grave, they will say to themselves “Yep, thats him to a T”.

To my mind its a celebration of someones life and encapsulating a tiny bit of what made them special and individual can only can only help us to remember what a wonderful person they once were.

Borlotti Lightened

Portland Stone lends itself to fine lettering and carving. This memorial was designed in close collaboration with the client to reflect upon the wonderful achievements that brought joy in this persons life.

The carving of the yacht is in bass relief, raised from the background to give a three-dimensional effect. I carved this from a photo of his own yacht. The lettering is carved deeply, so there is no need to paint or guild the inscription, as the shadow cast inside the letters help them to stand out.