There is a large selection of headstones and plaques to choose from and we are always happy to help you create a memorial of your own design in Granite, Portland, Marble, Yorkstone or Slate. You also have the option of combining designs from different memorials or taking inspiration from one you have seen in a cemetery.

Lawn Headstone Category

Memorials suitable for the lawn areas in cemeteries. More lawn headstones

Heart Headstones

A tasteful collection of 15 elegantly carved hearts. More heart headstones

Book Memorials

The Perfect memorials for husband and wife. More book memorials

Children’s Memorials

Our range of Children’s Headstones. More children’s memorials

Full Length Kerb Sets

Memorials designed to  cover the whole grave. More kerb sets

Cremation Memorials

Small plaques and tablets suitable for the burial of ashes. More cremation memorials


A great addition to a memorial providing more inscription space. See more vases..


A stunning range of Bronze statues and granite vases. more Statues


Chippings and Pebbles

Chippings, pebbles and stones for graves. More chippings