Commissioning Process

1. Decide on the stone and shape
We have a huge range of memorials to choose from, Our “Headstones” pages
contain some great designs to help inspire your creative side.
Orders can be made over the phone, by appointment at our office, or if you prefer,
at your home.
2.Wording and Design
Once you have decided on the wording for the inscription we will create a drawing
to show you exactly how the memorial will look. This is the ideal time to make changes to
the design. You can make as many ammendments as you like at no extra charge
3. The Permit
Cemeteries and Churchyards require you to obtain permision before a memorial is
fitted.Churchyards impose relativley strict guidelines concerning size, wording and finish
where as Local Authority cemeteries allow for a very broad range of designs,
wording and motifs.
We will complete the Permit Application for you and ask you to sign it before we send it off
with a cheque for the fee.
4. Payment
Once you have confirmed the design with us we will require a deposit before we start
work on the stone You can pay by card, over the phone or by cheque.